As you already know most people prefer to set their resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Well, experience has shown that these people are more likely to fail in achieving these goals. The reason is really simple! On New Year’s Eve, you feel really happy and you want to embrace life but after a couple of days that feeling fades.

That is why you should always make new beginnings on September. If you think about it, September is a great month. First of all, you are relaxed and stressed-free since you have just returned from your summer holidays! Also, you are used to new changes on September, just remember that when you were a kid a new class started every year on September!

So, let us see some of the resolutions that you can set this September!



    1. Eat Healthier

It is not very difficult to follow a healthy way of eating. All you need to do is start cooking at home and add more vegetables and fruit in your daily diet. If you are not a big fan of vegetables, you can try making green smoothies. They are delicious and you can take them with you. Just make a research for the best smoothie maker and you will not regret it!


    1. Start Exercising

You know that a healthy diet and exercise go together. There is no need to engage into difficult activities that will consume all your energy. You can simply start jogging or go out for a 30-minute walk alone or with your friends.

Also, you can exercise while you are at home and it is absolutely free. You can download one of the many free mobile applications that you can find online and follow their instructions. You will love it and soon it will be one of your daily habits!


    1. Save Money

For sure this resolution is not really fun but you will see that it will change your life. Try to eliminate your monthly expenses and save some money. A few ways that can help you with this is stop smoking, cook more often at house instead of dining out and of course stop buying things that you are not going to use!


    1. Travel More

As we said above one great September resolution is to save money. You can use that money in order to travel more! You will see that travelling broadens your mind, makes you feel more relaxed and you will also have the chance to meet new people! If you start travelling, you will see that your perspective of the world will change.

As you can see there is no need to set big and difficult goals that you will not be able to achieve. You can start with the small things that will improve the quality of your life and make you feel better for yourself. In this process, the above resolutions are the perfect beginning. After you have incorporated the above habits in your lifestyle you can set more difficult goals!

Don’t forget to keep us informed about your progress!