If you believe that the purpose of infrared saunas is just recreation and relaxation, you are certainly wrong. The known benefits of the innovative infrared saunas go beyond the amazing experience and relaxation you enjoy. Some of the benefits include improving your mood, enhancing weight loss, improving blood circulation and releasing toxins from the body.

Certainly, you expose your body to a broad range of toxins from chemicals, drugs, heavy metals and numerous compounds you come into contact on daily basis. The body gets rid of the toxins through sweating during exercise or in the infrared sauna. However, most people do not engage in strenuous activities or workouts and the few who exercise do not sweat enough to eliminate the toxins completely. Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of sweating and enhance the process of detoxifying your body using infrared sauna regularly.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Infrared light is associated with the high cardiac output, increased heart rate, low diastolic blood pressure, and a stronger cardiovascular system. Now imagine a physically challenged person who is bound to a bed or a wheelchair. Infrared sauna can help such a person to obtain the benefits of a regular workout at home. Similarly, if you work in an office and you do not have sufficient time to exercise,  infrared sauna provides the desirable cardiovascular conditioning. As the body adjusts and tries to cool itself, the metabolic rate, heart rate, and pulse rate increases. In fact, infrared saunas have been used to for cardiovascular training by astronauts for a space flight.


Infrared saunas encourage elimination of toxic chemicals, fats, carcinogenic products in addition to substances like lactic acid, fatty acids, uric acids and sodium introduced during food processing or food preparation. Additionally, sebaceous glands might be activated during the infrared sauna session and this leads to the elimination of accumulated cosmetic products through the skin. The modern saunas produce infrared heat penetrates a few inches into the body and lead to the elimination of heavy metals, nicotine, cholesterol, sodium, and other toxins that make you experience fatigue or feel sick.

Enhancing Blood Flow

Infrared sauna session helps expand capillaries and improve blood flow that in turn improves the functioning of your brain. Due to enhanced supply of nutrients, oxygen, and elimination of toxins, infrared saunas deal with fatigue, erectile dysfunction, injuries, and muscle stiffness. This ensures you have a smooth skin, healthy muscles and active brain and body.

Promoting Immunity

Infrared is found to increase production of white blood cells in the bone marrow. The result has increased the ability of your body to fight microorganism that causes various ailments. It is also crucial to understand that infrared sauna produces an effect similar to that of fever. Remember fever is the body’s response to infections and the artificial fever created by infrared sauna helps deal with disease-causing microorganisms.

With all these health benefits, you certainly require a good infrared sauna. If you would want a guide to help you pick a great unit, Sauna Suite provides reviews and relevant guidelines. It is probably all you require to make the right decision, choose a quality infrared sauna and enjoy the benefits.