A whelping box is a structure where a dog gives birth to its puppies. It is like the incubator to the puppies as that is where they spend their first few weeks. The box should be spacious enough for the puppies to be comfortable. The foremost quality of the box is that it should be clean, this is the only way that the puppies will remain healthy in the first few weeks of their lives. A whelping box can be used again to accommodate another litter of puppies so that is why it should be kept as clean as possible. The pad should be structured in a way that will comfortable accommodate the dog even before it gives birth to the litter so there should be soft padding on the floor of the box because that is where the dig will be spending most of its time. As earlier stared, the box should be big enough to allow the dog to stretch and lie down. The space should be significant to allow the dog to nurse her puppies without causing them possible harm by stepping on them. This does not mean that the box should be too large, the puppies should not be left in a chill far away from their mother.

There are those who would want to make cheap whelping boxes either for themselves or even possibly for sale. One of the materials that is readily available and can be used to make such as box is cardboard. You can make a whelping box using cardboard, just make sure that it is big enough for your dog to stretch. The good thing about cardboard is that you can dispose it once your dog is done with the use of it and use another piece of cardboard when the need arises. Another cheap alternative is a plastic storage bin. In its structure, the sides should be short enough for the dog to be able to get in and out. Because it is plastic, one can fold old towels at the bottom so that your dog will be steady in movement. These items are ideal for small dogs.

For larger dogs, cheap whelping boxes need to be made of materials with larger parts. Cardboard can still work though it is advisable to check out home improvement stores where you can get ideas on items to construct fir bigger dogs. A kiddie pool can make a good box and it costs just below $20. There are a variety of sizes and the pools can last several litters of puppies. They are easy to maintain.

It is important to know that it is far much easier to have a cheap whelping box for a smaller dog than a larger dog. But you can make your own without having to break the budget. All you need to make your own is using untreated lumber make a square bottomless box. You can decide to place plastic under the box and add towels or an old quilt for the padding. This is just another way to make sure you have an inexpensive whelping box which serves it purpose effectively.