Generators are good alternative power sources for homes and outdoor events. According to recent consumer reports, these power machines are becoming cheaper and readily available. In fact, the reports put the current average price of quality generators at $700. However, it is important to note that generators come with unique specifications that may affect their prices. Generators can be grouped into stationary and portable. Stationary generators are normally positioned at one place from where they are run and repaired whereas portables are used for indoor and outdoor activities. The best portable generators are those that ensure enough power conveniently.

Features of Best Portable Generators

The first and most important feature is easy portability. This may sound obvious but it is important to note that if the generator cannot be carried by hand due to its weight, it should be fitted with wheels. The minimum standard set is 200 pounds and therefore all generators weighing as much or in excess of this, should be fitted with wheels for them to be considered portables. Secondly, the generators should be safe at all times. Right from the manufacturer, these power machines should be fitted with safety devices like hazard lights, switches and should be able to allow manual shut-off, especially for the fuel switches.

Power Reliability is Key

Imagine purchasing the best 3500 watts generator hoping to power a 600 watts refrigerator, lights consuming 200 watts, an air conditioner requiring 1,000 watts, 1,500 watts for a portable heater and another device requiring 200watts. Theoretically, this generator seems efficient since the expected output is equal to the load. On the contrary, this is impossible in a practical situation and therefore such generators would experience power surges or inability to power the loads. To prevent such situations, one should understand their power supply needs and purchase generators with higher wattages than is required. The best portable generators are able to supply adequate power without surges, thus increasing their safety ratings.

Smart Features  

In today’s technological world, inventors and manufacturers are developing gadgets with smart capabilities to improve their performances. Best portable generators are those that are able to incorporate such features in their designs for better performance. Some of the basic features to look out for include: the generator’s ability to switch off when its engine oil runs low or to draw gas from the fuel system before stopping to prevent degradation when storing. Other generators have transfer switches to safely transfer the load to the grid power immediately it is restored. This protects the load, generator and people around it from related accidents.


The best portable generators are those that ensure convenience, safety, reliability and incorporate smart features for better performance. Added or improved performance in these power devices also translate to an increase in the prices of the device. This should however not be an issue when shopping for quality portables. One can also check out the various online reviews of these generators before settling for one since they are all designed with specific features depending on the manufacturers and the target markets.