There is no better option than using the drill machines for in house drilling requirements.  Drill machines are very helpful devices in easing all the drilling work. If you have the drill machines then you only need to have the drill bit kits for drilling on different types of materials and making various types of holes. Drill kit eases the process of making holes for nailing and screwing. You can purchase the different types drill bit from Drill bit best.

Different types of drilling bits

There are different types of drill bits which are meant for different types of drilling. On the basis of the material and coating, drill bits are of following types:

  • Diamond powder coated bits: It is the drill bit which is ideal for cutting or drilling the hardest materials like tile and concrete. Since, large amount of heat is generated so water should be continuously used to eliminate the overheating of the surface.
  • Steel bits: This type of drill bit is ideal for soft board drills but not suited for the harder board drills.
  • Titanium bits: this type of coating is the hardest coating on the high speed steel drill bits. One most common drawback of this type of drill bit is that once the drill bit is sharpened it is unable to retain the same coating of titanium.
  • Bits coated with black oxide: It is an expensive coating which has the ability to resist heat and lubricity. This type of coating increases the durability of high speed steel drill bits.
  • Carbide tipped bits: This type of coating enables the drill bit to drill all types of materials and hold the edge for long time. They are used to drill hard metals.

On the basis of the design or construction of the bits, drill bits are classified as;

  • Twist Bit: It is the most common drill bit which can be found at home and in all the industries. It is able to drill holes in the wood, light metals and plastic.
  • Brad-Point Bit: Bit tip has brad at the center which is helpful in making precise and accurate holes.
  • Installer Bit: It is used for making small holes which are ideal for the security purpose.
  • Hole Saw: this type of drill bit makes large holes and is suitable for making holes which are used for making pass for wiring.
  • Spade Bit: It is capable of boring larger holes on wooden surface. It has the flat blade with sharp point which helps in creating a neat hole.
  • Masonry bit: it is ideal for drilling hole in the brick, concrete and other constructions. Hammering helps in drilling the hole while the rotation of the bit helps in removing the debris while making hole.