During winter, there is nothing more pleasing than crawling into a warm, comfortable bed. It is common to see people trying to beat the cold using layers of standard blankets, but it is not a good idea to suffocate beneath a pile of blankets when there is a better alternative. Electric blankets are integrated with devices which heat up when plugged into a power outlet to keep you warm throughout the night. Besides the warmth, the blankets relieve muscle pain, increasing the ease of falling asleep.

Electric heating blankets are available in different varieties and choosing one is a matter of your preference in terms of the heating quality, style, comfort, and durability. You can use the blanket to cover yourself just like a standard blanket, or as an underblanket placed beneath the bed sheets. Here is a list of some factors you need to consider when purchasing one.


This should be your number one concern as the blankets operate the same way as any other electric appliance. Purchase a blanket that meets most of the accepted safety standards in terms of quality and suitability of use. Check out for exposed wires or torn fabric.


The fabric used to make the blanket determines its quality and durability. Fleece blankets provide extra comfort as they tend to get warmer than other heated blanket materials. However, they may not last longer than microfiber electric blankets which are made from fine acrylic fiber and are the softest and best in quality. You can check out warmelectric.com for some of the top-rated electric blankets.

Ease of Use

Whatever electric blanket you go for should have features that are easy to use. You would want it to bear features such as automatic switch-off, adjustable heating, and temperature sensors. Because you may want to adjust the warmth in the middle of the night, the controls should be within reach. Most blankets use digital controls but some still use analog controls. Check for dual control options, especially if the blanket will be used by more than one person.

Cost of Purchase and Maintenance

How much you should pay for an electric blanket depends on its features and usability. In most cases, the more expensive blankets take less time to heat up and offer a variety of temperatures. Some electric blankets are machine washable. Check the packaging before purchase to ensure care instructions are clearly outlined to avoid any hazards common to other electric appliances.

Final Words

You can enjoy the winter season better by investing in an electric blanket. Although some people have reservations about using these blankets because of the hazards associated with them, purchasing a good one and following all the safety instructions keeps you happy and free from risks.