It’s that time of year again. The festive season comes with its endless round of parties, visiting relatives, and meeting up with the friends you haven’t seen since this time last year. And with all those social occasions comes the dressing up, the make-up, and the hairstyling. Everyone wants to look their best, especially when the chances are you’ll be looking at the photos on social media for months to come. But at such an expensive time of year it’s not always possible to visit the salon before every gathering. The solution is simple. Home styling has come a long way in the last few years and it’s now possible to achieve salon level results at home. is a great place to find the right styling tool for your hair type and length. But how is it done?

1. Straight and Sleek

Hot air brushes are perfect for achieving the sleekest straight do imaginable. As with all hot air styling, start with clean hair approximately 80% dry. Split your hair into sections to avoid overloading the brush, or using it on too little hair at one time, which can cause damage. Working from the back to the front of your head, take each section in turn and run the brush slowly from root to tip. Starting from the back and working methodically through the sections will ensure no hair gets missed and you get an even result. Finish with hairspray or a shine spray (maybe a glitter spray, it is the festive season after all), and you’re done. It really is that easy.

2. Curls and waves

Just like the straight styles, start with 80% dry clean hair and split it into sections. Brush the section from root to tip then wrap the hair up around the brush for a few seconds, usually 5-10 seconds depending on hair type. Switch the device to its cool setting and hold it there for another 10 seconds or so before removing from the hair. This step is important because it helps set the curl so it will stay in place all night. Then finish with your favourite products, and you are ready to party.

Hot air stylers and brushes take all the hard work out of changing looks so you can maintain that fresh from the salon look, without indulging in salon prices. Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll soon find that the possibilities are endless. Experiment, have fun, be fabulous.