The use of infrared sauna offers several health benefits to a person. This is the reason many of the companies are offering an infrared sauna that is based on superior level heating technologies. As different types of infrared sauna kit work on different kinds of infrared heating technologies, you need to find out the pros and cons of different technologies and then make an informed decision, before purchasing one for yourself.

Surface temperature of the infrared sauna heaters

It is important to find out the surface temperature of the device before buying it. This is due to the fact that the surface temperature of the device determines the size of the infrared wavelength. Lesser the temperature of the heater, the longer will be the infrared wavelength and vice versa. Sauna Suite is the right place to get top quality and energy efficient sauna products at best price.

Is there a lifetime warranty available on the product?

It is important to check about the product warranty and to what extent the infrared heaters are covered under warranty. Sauna Suite offers a complete lifetime warranty for all types of sauna products. The different parts of the sauna such as wood, electrical controls, heaters, etc. are covered under warranty.

The type of heating element used to heat the device

There are two common types of heating elements used in heating the infrared saunas in today’s world, namely, ceramic and carbon. Traditional carbon based heaters provide superior quality of infrared heat, but fail to produce it in large amounts.

The heat produced does not direct on the core of the device, but only to the cabin. For a device to work properly, it is important to position the heaters in a proper way, so that the heat is directed to the core of the device without being confined to the cabin.

Ceramic based infrared heaters provide the enhanced amount and quality of infrared heat. The surface temperature of these heaters is higher, and so the size of the wave is short and not very beneficial to the body. The best strategy would be to find an infrared heater that gives the benefits of both ceramic and carbon heating elements.

Sauna has been greatly used in gyms, spas, etc. for rest, detoxification and relaxation. By gaining information about these technical specifications, you can buy the best system for your use as per your requirement.