Most people often overlook the importance of trash cans in the kitchen. In contrast, these simple containers play a very vital role in ensuring the kitchen stays clean, well-organized and free of hazards. Most of the waste in the kitchen end up in the trash bin, hence, creating a blend of bad odor, sharp objects, and liquids among other types of waste.

Buying a trash bin may seem like a straightforward undertaking, however, if not carefully thought through, you may end up going back to the stores for a new one in no time. Therefore, you should take into account some of the aspects highlighted below;


When it comes to buying a trash can, you may be astounded by the wide variety in the market. Therefore, know what you require before making a purchase. One way of finding out the different types in the market is by gathering information from trash can related websites such as Trash That. Some of the various types of trash cans available in the market include touchless trash cans, under the sink trash cans, and child proof trashcans. Whereas most people prefer under the sink trashcans because of convenience and ease of access, others prefer touch-less bins. An example of touchless trash cans includes motion sensors that open the lid by sensing movement above the lid. Therefore, you should buy the container that best suits your needs and your home, especially if you have children or pets.


Different trash cans come in various sizes to meet varying user requirements. For instance, if you are single and live alone, there is a high likelihood that you rarely cook or even eat at home. As such, you may not need a large trash bin compared to a large family or a household with many members. Additionally, if your kitchen is compact or squeezed, you may be obliged to buy a small trash can that can fit in the small spaces available such as under the sink.

Indoor or Outdoor Trash Cans

Before you purchase a garbage can, it is important to consider whether to buy an indoor bin or one for the outdoors. You need to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of both, so as to make an informed decision and choose one that is best suited to your needs. Most households and businesses prefer indoor trash bins for the obvious reason that they enable the occupants and guests to keep the premises clean. If you generate a lot of waste, it will make sense if you have a large outdoor bin on which trash from smaller containers inside gets trashed once they fill up. They also ensure that any bad odor or bacteria that may grow in trash cans remains outside the premises.


Not many people consider the appearance of a garbage bin as an important factor. However, if you like being stylish or if you want to complement the look of your kitchen, you can opt to buy a trash bin that has the same color or shade with your kitchen.