White teeth always improve the smile while yellowish teeth or stained teeth obstruct your beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is the process which is effective in lightening the color of your natural teeth without removing any of its surfaces. It is the process which does not completely changes the color of your teeth but lightens the shade of your teeth so that it looks whiter.

Need of teeth whitening

There are plenty of reasons for which you should get your teeth whitened. One of the most important reasons is that it helps in improving your smile. Your smile looks more beautiful if the teeth are in their natural color.

Various reasons are there which discolor the natural shine of the teeth. Some of the reasons comprise of growing age which can make the teeth look pale, excessive consumption of tea or coffee can stain the teeth. Many people have the habit of chewing tobacco or smoking which can stain the teeth. Developed tartar on your teeth also makes it look discolored. There are some medicines also which cause discoloring of the teeth under the surface as small cracks are developed on the teeth surface.

Teeth whitening treatments

London smile clinic offers teeth whitening treatments. There are generally two types of teeth whitening process. One is the vital whitening process and the other is non vital whitening process.

Vital teeth whitening process

It is the most common treatment for whitening the teeth. A gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied on the teeth and left for few minutes before washing your mouth. You will need to have at least 1-3 appointments to get the desired results in this treatment. Laser light is used to get the applied gel activated and enable bleaching of the teeth faster.

You should also avoid consuming dark colored foods and drinks to avoid staining of the teeth. There are whitening toothpastes available in the market which contains certain abrasives. Such toothpastes are helpful for whitening of the teeth and they work by removing the upper layer of enamel when you brush your teeth.  There is no harm even if a layer of enamel is removed.

Non vital teeth whitening process

Many times, the cause of discoloring of the teeth is inside the teeth. Root canal problem can give the stain to the teeth which requires the root canal treatment first before tooth whitening. Vital teeth whitening process is unable to treat the appearance of the teeth which has root canal problem or has recently undergone root canal treatment. Non vital treatment is then helpful for treating such kind of staining of the teeth. In this process, the bleaching agent or teeth whitening agent is placed in the tooth and then filing is done on it. It is then left for several days and the process is repeated until you get the desired color of the teeth.