A guitar is a very popular instrument. Many people around the world play guitar. It has been used by many iconic bands and musicians over time. An example of one musician is Carlos Santana. There are two general types of guitar. These are the acoustic and electric guitar. The acoustic guitar relies on its hollow body to produce the musical tones and notes. The electric guitar sends electric signals to an amplifier and loudspeaker so as to produce its notes and tones. Here are the best acoustic and electric guitars that you can buy today.

The Kramer Pacer electric guitar

This electric guitar is very beautiful to look at. It also performs exceptionally well. The Pacer guitars were invented in 1983. at the time, shred rock music was very popular. As such, the Pacer was built to manage the high and fast notes of this type of music. In the hands of an experienced musician, this Kramer Pacer will produce one thousand notes per second. It it made of high quality materials. For example its neck is made of maple wood. It is quite affordably priced at $650 and is a superb electric guitar to buy today.

The Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar

Taylor guitars are well known for their high quality construction. This guitar is no exception according to http://guitarreviews.us/best-electric-guitar/. The Taylor Big Baby is a very playable guitar. Its neck is very well built to handle various acoustics. It is designed such that it has no heel. Thus, you are able to hit the higher frets with this guitar quite easily. With this acoustic guitar, one can easily play any type of music effortlessly. The wood used to construct the guitar is high quality, glossed and long lasting. The Taylor Big baby costs $419. This is a great price for the quality product you get in this guitar.

The LTD TE-212 electric guitar

Despite its mouthful of a name, this guitar will impress any guitar player with its capability. It has a neck made of maple wood. Moreover, its fingerboard is easy to use and has a smooth feel on it. The body of this guitar is quite reasonant and will belt out any notes you want. It is also a very durable and strong guitar. As such, it is very suitable for touring and heavy performances. It is built in the United Kingdom and features Brit coolness all over it. It is priced just right at $481.21.

The Sigma OMR-21 acoustic guitar

Well known for its musical heritage, this guitar is one of the best acoustic guitars that you can get today. It is a full bodied 14 fret guitar tastefully constructed out of Sitka spruce wood. Its neck is made of mahogany and satin. Moreover, its headstock and back are both made of Indian rosewood covered in lamina. The combination of these woods makes this guitar look marvelous and sound great too. At first glance, you are greeted by a soft spruce brown color and a black teardrop design. This design gives this guitar a classic and timeless look. The Sigma guitar is great for beginners and experienced guitar players alike. Its steel ring is described as almost perfect and for $610, it is great value for money.