Fire alarm system is an essential tool everyone should have at home. It helps to notify you of any fire outbreak, giving you the platform to quickly make use of your fire extinguisher to reduce keep the fire out.

Here are some types of fire alarm system you should know

Conventional fire alarm systems

This type of fire alarm system is been utilized in places with limited space such as restaurant and supermarkets. It is cheap compared to other fire alarm system.

This is also called a four wire system. It has a control panel which controls the circuit from their different position. The circuit is wired and connected to the control panel which has a fire secured cable assigned for each alarm bell.

If any of the detectors is activated, the signal will be sent to the control panel which will then identify where the outbreak is coming from.

Analogue fire alarm systems

This type of fire alarm system gives more attention on personal indicators while conventional fire alarm system gives data about a particular circuit.

This fire alarm system is ideal for vast business premises and this is because it is not cheap and it is more complicated than others fire alarm system because of its expanded adaptability, speed of noticing any outbreak, and its extent of control.

With this type of fire alarm system, there are different types of wires that are strategically placed in the building, consuming less wire cable compared to conventional fire alarm system with different detectors having their own circuit. You can visit Fire Alarm Installation London for more information on how this system works.

Two-wire fire alarm systems

This fire alarm system is also designed for places with limited land space. This can be used in your kitchen at home as it is very quick in detecting any form of fire outbreak and it is less expensive and easy to fix.

It is ideal for those who make use of gas cooker at home and you have children that operate it. Most times they forget to close the gas valve and any sign of ignition can lead to fire outbreak. So using this fire alarm is so fast at notifying you of any strange thing so as to keep your house safe.

Aspirating smoke detection systems

This system is very sensitive to the point that it can detect small fire outbreak. This utilizes a channel that attracts air from around the building by means of a system of sampling channels and testing gaps.

The breeze then moves through a profoundly delicate radar which produces a cautioning clue of potential fire when it identifies smoke particles.

It is very costly compared to others and it requires an expert to help you fix it. The alarm system is very touchy and can distinguish cool smoke that does not ascend to the roof, and in addition seething fires and particles emitted by over-burden electrical links. They are accordingly particularly helpful where early cautioning is required.

Wireless fire alarm systems

This fire alarm system is more costly but it is more malleable and very easy to fix. It is a wireless device and you don’t have to worry about cables and wires like other fire alarm systems.

This works on a powered battery system and it can operate effectively just like other fire alarm system that has cable and wires. You can make use of this system in your house, and it is mostly purchased by parents who don’t want wires to be exposed on their walls.


These are the type of fire alarm system you can use in your house, shop and office. I hope this is helpful to you.