When it comes to achieving a natural glow with cosmetics, it’s important to know which one is right for your skin type. If you use or choose the wrong one, you may have an allergic reaction or create a skin problem you didn’t even have, like rashes or pimple breakouts.

If you’re involved in an activity that reaches the public eye, such as televised sports or entertainment, you want to look your best. They say image is everything when it comes to being a public figure. Fair or not, you can’t disagree with the concept.

Part of looking your best involves choosing the right cosmetic for your skin type. Don’t choose just any cosmetics. Most have chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. Products with natural ingredients is always a safer choice. Don’t use what your friend uses just because it looks good on her. It may not be good for your skin at all. You should really look at your skin type first. If you aren’t sure, talk to a beauty consultant or dermatologist.

You know if you have bad cosmetics. Your eye shadow creases, your foundation looks caked and wrinkled, and your mascara smears too easily.

Here are some things to consider when buying cosmetics appropriate for your skin type:

Choose cosmetics that have moisturizers. If yours dries your skin, stop using it and try a different brand.

Be aware that your skin type can vary in the different areas of your face. The area between your eyebrows may be dry, while the skin on your cheeks may be oily. When it comes to makeup, one size doesn’t fit all.

Choose colors that compliment your skin tones. Cosmetics that look good on a dark complexion won’t look as well on a fair complexion. This is where a beauty consultant comes in handy. The person at the makeup counter may or may not be a beauty consultant, and may or may not give you the right advice, so choose your adviser wisely. Do they know cosmetics inside and out or are they just trying to sell products?

Cosmetics are designed to enhance your features, not change or overwhelm them.

Spend a little extra for quality cosmetics. It tends to stay put longer and gives your skin a better appearance. Cheap makeup can disappear or smudge and smear by afternoon.

If you have sensitive skin, there are cosmetics just right for you. Do a little comparison shopping and read the labels. There are hypoallergenic products, as well as natural, preservative-free products to make sensitive skin glow with freshness.

For dry skin make sure your cosmetics contain moisturizers. For oily skin you have oil-free makeup to choose from.

When it comes to cleansers, stay away from those that contain grease and oil and a lot of chemicals.

Pampering your skin and choosing the best cosmetics for your skin type will help you maintain healthy, happy skin.