In the consciousness of people exists several stereotypes connected with these or those concepts? Therefore, speaking about the quality of household appliances, people imply the devices manufactured in Japan. Arguing on a high level of living and social security, mean the Scandinavian countries and if it comes about the watch, all are unanimous in the opinion that there are no better chronometers than the one, made by Swiss brands.

As it is paradoxical, but the Swiss watch began again of international recognition with… a prohibition, and from a prohibition on carrying precious metals! The similar prohibition was entered by Louis XIV in the forties of the 16th century, and the best Swiss watchmakers united in a guild which began to produce the watch of the highest quality capable of replacing with itself performing jewelry art!

Nearly five centuries the concept “Swiss watch” is a synonym of prosperity, a high social position, and prestige of the owner of a wrist chronometer.

Course accuracy – the main advantage of any watch. The Swiss masters of watch affairs reached in this area of perfection. In case of production of any Swiss brand, at least 300 details are used. It is natural that on a creation of similar mechanisms time a great lot leaves, as affects their cost.

The cost of the Swiss chronometers is raised also by use of precious metals and diamonds in a design of clockworks.

Who, except billionaires can carry fortune on a hand? Well, maybe, the politicians of dictatorial type disposing of the budget of the countries subject to them at own discretion. For the others, even quite well to do and successful persons, such models it is too expensive.

Swisses understand it and therefore production of watch replicas is widespread. Conditionally they can be divided into three categories: superficial, good and exact (find out more at Allswisswatch).

In superficial copies, external similarity to the original is only observed. Details are made in the countries of Southeast Asia and China and do not differ in high quality. The price of such models low and service life is small. In this case, it is correct even to speak not about the copy, and about a counterfeit.

Good copies of watches have quite decent quality (especially if details of the Swiss production), long service life and accuracy of the course. At the price, they, are available to people of middle-income. It is possible to determine to some signs a difference between the copy and the original that will not tell about anything to the person far from watches case.

Exact copies – have only one difference from the original: in case of their production precious metals and diamonds are not used. It affects the price of watches (it 10 times less the original price), but only the specialist can notice the distinction.

You should not be surprised if the exact copy of the Swiss watches costs quite much: means, in case of its production gemstones, were, used (but, perhaps, with less high-quality handling). The second factor explaining smaller than at the original the price is that assembly is performed not in Switzerland, and in the countries with a cheap labor power. Well, and the largest supplier of cheap working hands is China.