Whatever you may say, it is possible to lose weight on a yogurt diet. In fact, it is considered a soft diet and is calculated for 10 days (unlike tough hunger strikes, the lasting only several days, for example, weight loss on kefir). This option is preferable – so a loss of weight will follow gram by gram. Loss of weight constitutes 5-6 kg.

Also pleases the fact that yogurt contains all necessary substances – carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. By the way, proteins contain only in meat, bean cultures, and fermented milk products. Therefore, the weight loss methods excluding these products constitute a danger to an organism (if to adhere a long time).

Yogurt diet (learn how to make yogurt in the yogurt maker at www.yummyyogurt.net), on the contrary, does not threaten with a deficit of proteins and even allows to include the use of boiled meat. Rabbit, turkey, “lean” beef or chicken meat are more applicable.

For fans to eat for the night it is necessary to make a heavy dinner, but only provided that the break between food and a dream constitutes at least 3,5 hours. Try to have supper until 18:30 in the evening.

The filled cucumbers, tomatoes salad or cabbage with carrots will be perfect for a garnish. It is recommended to eat fresh fruit (up to 400g per day), except for grapes, a melon, and a watermelon. The best fruit for weight loss – green apples and a citrus.

As for drinks, mineral water, unsweetened tea, fruit juice (preferably cherry, grapefruit, garnet, and orange) belong to them. Apple juice shall be cloudy. It contains many pertinacious substances, which are necessary for digestion improvement.

It is better to buy garnet juice in a glass container and before the use to dilute it with boiled water in the ratio 1:2. Drink 100 g. of this juice before eating.

Proper diet nutrition.

Eat 500g of natural yogurt per day within 10 days. Divide this quantity into 4 portions (on 125 g on 1 time): for breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack, and a supper. Before each meal, it is necessary to drink a little warm tea. This diet is not mono food. As it was already told before, it is allowed to eat fruits, juice, fast meat and dried fruits.

Yogurt diet menu.

Option No. 1

Breakfast: warm tea without sugar (100 ml), yogurt jelly with raspberry, a half-glass of garnet juice.

Lunch: soup yogurt with cucumbers, chopped greens, olive oil, boiled fast meat, yogurt, a half-glass of fruit juice.

Afternoon snack: the tomatoes filled with yogurt, still mineral water.

Dinner: a cup of warm tea, the boiled asparagus filled with yogurt, orange juice.

Option No. 2

Breakfast: warm tea, yogurt (150 g), 1 apple, dried fruits, garnet or cherry juice (100 g).

Lunch: yogurt jelly, chicken meat in a boiled type (100 g), cucumbers, tomatoes salad, grapefruit juice.

Afternoon snack: the vegetables filled with yogurt.

Dinner: stewed vegetables, yogurt and fruit juice.